Active Living Membership for Life

The Active Living program welcomes individuals aged 50 and above. As a member, you will be allotted one room, with the option to include one additional member per room.

( Please note that membership does not grant room ownership )

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Room prices start at 1,500,000 baht.
Initial down payment begins at 500,000 baht,
ready for immediate move-in.
Monthly installments of just 12,500 baht for a 10-year period.
Plus additional monthly service fee of 6,000 baht per individual.

** Prices are subject to change every three years according to the inflation rate.

What includes in a monthly fee

24-hour Nursing Care

Daily Basic Health Check-ups

Holistic Health and Wellness Programs

Telemedicine Services with Physicians

Emergency Consultation and First Aid Assistance

Essential Medication and Medical Supplies for All Members

Active Living Trial Package

We understand the importance of finding the right fit for your needs. That’s why the Active Living project offers a trial package, allowing interested individuals to experience life at our community for up to 3 months before committing to a long-term stay. The monthly accommodation fee paid during the trial period can also be applied as a discount for long-term residency.

Expense Breakdown

  • Monthly accommodation fee: 15,000 baht
  • Common fee and facility fee: 6,000 baht


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