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Introducing Active Living :
Premier Condominiums for Retirees

” Embrace a Fulfilling
Life in Your Golden Years “

At Baan Lalisa HealthCare Service Group, we understand the concerns of an unpredictable future. That’s why we’ve created a haven to alleviate worries for retirees. Our new project, Baan Lalisa Active Living, offers both room ownership,long-term and short-term living options for every preference.

Experience round-the-clock medical services, ensuring a secure and comfortable lifestyle for all residents. Our Active Living offers comprehensive health programs and state-of-the-art and innovative equipment, promoting an exceptional quality of life during your well-deserved retirement.

Our Services

We carefully craft our accommodations and services to perfectly suit the lifestyle of retirees. Benefit from comprehensive health check-ups and a wide range of engaging activities, all designed to promote your overall well-being during your golden years.

Daily Health Check-ups from Our Experienced Medical and Nursing Team

Encouraging Physical and Mental Wellness through Engaging Activities

Telemedicine Services for Your Convenience

Innovative Healthcare Solutions for Improving the Quality of Life

Exclusive App for Streamlined Services and Long-term Benefits

And additional services for ultimate comfort,
safety and convenience..

Experience Your Dream Retirement at Baan Lalisa : Quality Living Redefined

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Our Projects

Wellness Center

Wellness-Focused Sustainable Healthcare: Comprehensive Care for a Better Life.

Nursing Home

Comprehensive Elderly Care Center Services.

Home Care

Flexible Elderly Care Services: At Home and Hospital Support.

Healthcare Academy

Nursing School: Comprehensive Care Education with Professional Certification.


Supporting the Elderly: A Foundation for Those in Need.

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Frequently Ask Questions

At Active Living, we are transparent about our fees with no additional service charges. However, should you have special requirements beyond our standard offerings, we can accommodate your needs. Additional services, such as hospital transportation with caregivers during illness or specialized private caregiving, can be arranged upon request.

Buyers have the option to transfer their rights to another individual prior to committing to a residency agreement.

In the event of membership termination, the remaining balance will be waived by the project, ensuring a hassle-free process and providing peace of mind to our residents.

The Active Living project offers a comprehensive range of on-site activities tailored to our residents’ interests and well-being. Additionally, we arrange visits from medical personnel as specified by the project, ensuring that our residents receive the necessary healthcare and support for a fulfilling lifestyle.

Activities at Active Living are thoughtfully designed and subject to change over time, adapting to the evolving needs and interests of our residents. Our goal is to promote overall well-being by fostering mental and physical health in a supportive and engaging environment.

Please note that personal medications are not included in our services. The Active Living project supplies only general household medicines to cater to the basic healthcare needs of our residents.

In the event that a resident becomes ill during their stay and requires medical attention beyond the capabilities of our on-site medical personnel, any additional expenses incurred will be the responsibility of the member. This ensures that our residents receive the appropriate level of care while maintaining transparency in costs.

At Active Living, our dedicated medical personnel are always available to provide care, prevention, and assistance in addressing any health concerns, ensuring a safe and supportive living environment for our residents.

Residents at Active Living can enjoy their stay from the age of 50 onwards, until they become dependent or unable to care for themselves. In such cases, the project may request that the resident relocate to a nursing home. However, if a 24-hour personal caregiver can be arranged (subject to project evaluation and approval), and their presence does not disrupt other residents, the individual may continue to stay. Additionally, our team can assist in arranging a personal caregiver through our central services, should you require our support.

While the interior furnishings may vary across our different branches, Active Living ensures that each unit is equipped with essential furniture and ready for immediate use. We also provide appropriate medical aid equipment to support the specific needs of our residents.

Since each Active Living branch has unique features and offerings, we recommend reviewing the specific requirements and details of the branch that interests you to ensure it meets your preferences and needs for an enjoyable living experience.

While each Active Living branch has its own set of requirements, some may allow pets. In such cases, members are responsible for ensuring their pets do not disturb other residents and for taking proper care of their pets at all times.

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